Coldplay Gives A Fiery Finale For London Paralympics 2012

Yesterday, on September 9 2012, the London Paralympics ended with a fiery and heated finale with fireworks and a performance by the famous band ‘Coldplay.’

Paralympics is specific to representing English traditions and festivals and this year this amazing sports festival also presented Englishmen in a fiery light within 11 days of Paralympics. This year’s Paralympics event is being called the “greatest Paralympic Games ever” already.

As the event came to an end, the results finally showed that China is leading the pack this year, ahead of Great Britain, behind which is the great country of Russia.

The most famous of all Paralympics Games is the wheelchair marathon and this year, Great Britain’s David Weir led his country to victory. According to Channel 4, around 4 million people from around the world tuned in to watch the most famous sports event of the century.

Some Finale Surprises!!!

Captain Sinnott, who lost his legs in Afghanistan, climbed the flagpole to start the ceremony and a tribute was given to the military corps. The fully sold out Paralympics 2012 finale featured amazing performances by some ‘HAWT’ artists including Rihanna, Jay-Z, Coldplay along with 1200 other performers. WOW!!!

The London Paralympics 2012 ended with the wise words of Kim Gavin:

“We pay tribute to all the human spirit and achievement through this wonderful sport of the last two weeks.”

Did you miss out on all the amazing performances and the fiery finale?? Well I did :(.  Worry not…I have found out one amazing performance by Coldplay at the finale from Youtube. Watch it below and sound off on the ‘comments’ over what you think.

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