The Expendables 2 STILL Reigning Over The Box Office!!

The movie is in its second week of release worldwide, and still is it is reigning over the weekend Box Office like it ‘Owns It.’ The Expendables 2 is definitely amazing (although I have yet to see it) but the WHOOPING $13.5 million that it is pulling in are proof enough of its Mightiness.

Just behind it, with $9.2 million in its pocket already, is the latest flick in the Bourne movie series, The Bourne Legacy.

The third one on the Box Office Top 5 was definitely a surprise for me, because I was hoping to see The Dark Knight Rises here. Nevertheless, the animated film Paranorman has sci-fi-ed up a big $8.5 million for its outstanding work. A decade behind it is The Campaign with $7.4 million in its pocket.

My own personal favorite in all of ‘em, The Dark Knight Rises, (although I haven’t seen that either) is on 5th place with $7.1 million in their hands. No new releases have walked in yet…and that’s all from weekend Box Office update, Y’all!!!

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